Activate Your Vision Within

“I see the present, not the future and certainly not the past. That gives me the greatest power of all. That’s where the true visionary flourishes, “The zero point of the quantum field, no limits exist and anything can be manifested into reality”

We hold every answer to every question we could ever ask within ourselves. We’ve just forgotten how to listen and instead of turning inward, we give away our power. It’s time to look inside yourself to see where the truth of who you really are lies.

I offer a highly confidential and sacred container that empowers visionaries, creatives and elites to activate their intuition and channel their inner voice to create more impact. Imagine accessing your inner well of wisdom for guidance and being able to trust your intuition to make decisions with grace, so you can create balance and ease across all aspects of life.

I see you for who you are, and I hold that vision up high until you are able to see it too. Through tapping into your highest self, you can operate from a place of true authenticity and sovereignty and carve a life beyond limits, discovering that YOUR innate essence is indeed ‘Exquisitely Enough’ in all areas of your life.

Hi I’m Ruth

Unparalleled Empowerment Coach, Creative Visionary and your own personal Soul Activator. I’ve made it my mission through my business Exquisitely Enough® to guide elite leaders and creatives in reaching new heights of existence, finding true balance and fostering confidence in all areas of life.

I use my visionary and intuitive abilities to look at people’s challenges in a completely different way and the tools of coaching and hypnotherapy to help others unburden themselves. I hold space for them to heal and grow, and I use my expansive vision to encourage them to grow theirs. We all have this capacity; I am simply the facilitator who will help you reconnect to you.

“Using my training as a Transformational Hypnotherapist, Quantum Healer and Intuitive, together we create a path that leads to ultimate fulfilment. Think of me as your trusted confidante, your ally and your guide who will help you uncover you at your very core”.

Is Empowerment Coaching for me?

Empowerment coaching is not about telling the client what to do, a coach’s main role is to help bring about a deeper change within the client by encouraging them to develop a deep inner understanding which in turn can change outdated behaviours and thought patterns.

Empowerment coaching can be about the final part of the puzzle, having obtained much success in aspects of their life but still feeling like there is so much more to discover to find true happiness and alignment.

Clients can come for empowerment coaching for many reasons including major life events, self sabotaging tendencies or embarking on new stages of their lives and needing a sense of direction and purpose.

Results you can you expect from Empowerment Coaching:

  • Enhanced clarity in your direction and purpose.
  • Increased control over your emotions and a greater connection and symbiosis among your thoughts, desires and intuition.
  • More balance in all areas of life.
  • Better, more connected and healthy relationships with those close to you.
  • A greater understanding of your place in the universe and how you can make the most impactful difference.
  • An overall sense of peace and a diminished need to de-rail yourself.
  • The ability to focus on the here and now, forget the past and not worry about the future.
  • The chance to embrace your life vision without fear and anxiety.